A heady haze of miasma.

Such is the state of Europe that they can have an ‘insider’ from the financial world, whom the MSM depict as an ‘outsider’. It seems the people bought it for a while, but Macron is already losing popularity, almost in record time, as his clothes spontaneously and publicly fall away. This show pony is not an insider, despite this being the way he marketed himself in the lead up to the French elections. Anyone who clings to the EU , in the way he does, in truth snatches the whole package. Those who support both the EU and globalism cannot be ‘outsiders’.

The way I see it, in this country, the MSM is too pervasive, too institutionalised. Our rusted on Labor supporters tend to rely on the Free to air TV channels rather than read the political articles in the Daily Telegraph, and they certainly don’t read The Australian (would never have heard of Quadrant) so they will take that much longer to ‘crack’. But some things are getting through despite this, hence the growth of One Nation and The Australian Conservatives (though the MSM show a remarkable resistance towards showing any interest in Cory’s developments, meaning he’ll continue to grow under the radar). The polls respond to his party as ‘other’, putting him in the same basket as the ALA and some 2016 party (that may no longer exist). Being overlooked may be a good thing, but the downside is doesn’t attract the free publicity One Nation and Donald Trump did, by the bucket-full.

As has been rightly expressed before, the Deep State and institutionalised religion don’t mix very well, but those unemployed ‘educated people’ with their ‘useless degrees’ are part of that 10% minority dominated by GetUp and the Greens. They are young, furiously idealistic, but ultimately part of the stagnation set. Some of your unsupported, distorted narrative comes from this lot. They manage to pluck it out of the air, rather than expend necessary energy on research, or wide reading.

Single word epithets represent screeds of confuse narrative, as they tear down ‘No’ supporter placards, calling a Maronite, Australian-born ‘activist’ a racist (despite being Lebanese) whilst simultaneously telling him to go back where he came from, despite being born here. Telling him to go back where he came from is coincidentally totally at odds with the ‘open borders’ narrative the stupid woman in normal circumstances adheres to. But ‘racist’ and ‘homophobe’ are the screechy single word slogans to replace a slightly more articulate ‘I don’t agree with you’, position (or more accurately ‘you don’t agree with me, and the things you say are extremely hurtful to me’).

Perhaps this is what a post modernist education produces: dull herds of young voters, fed on unrelated bits of information, to which an infinite number of interpretations have been applied , where every hazy argument carries the same weight as every other headless chook sort of pronouncement. Every ‘student’ receives a ‘pass’ for assignments that ought to be hanging from a hook in an outback dunny. There are no longer unequivocal fails any more. All this adds to the exponential decline in genuine debate.


Tony: he simply will not go away.

The initial approach was to ignore Tony Abbott, but with the gauntlet well and truly thrown down in London, the rabble in Canberra can’t continue to pretend he doesn’t exist. It’s now the paternalistic tack: ‘poor Tony, he’s lost his marbles. The man’s adrift, because he spoke otherwise when in office. We don’t know what’s happened to him, as he was so wedded to RETs before’.

Um, not quite the case Malcolm, Julie and Josh. He no longer has the metaphorical thumb-screws being applied, by both a treacherous party room and an unforgiving, left wing MSM, both dedicated to undermining him at every turn. He no longer has to deal with a recalcitrant cross-bench. That’s just one argument.

The second point is that the energy crisis had not raised its ugly head at that point, and there were no clear indications that things were about to go pear-shaped. They are now and there are still people in government with their heads in the sand, despite this new set of circumstance needing to be shouted from the roof tops. For that Tony’s your man and they don’t like it.

There’s a degree of blind comfort in keeping one’s head in the sand: it’s kinda cooler for a start, even if the rest of one’s ostrich-like carcass is being singed by the conservatives.

Blood on their hands.

I loved the story about the idiots doing a study on Zebras, who observed that these strange animals were unlike the antelope whose camouflage would allow them to merge back into the landscape, or the lions, whose colouring would allow them to creep up unnoticed; until they realise that having selected a zebra for closer scrutiny, they were unable to identify the animal unless they painted a red daub on the unfortunate creature. Having done so, they noticed the daubed zebras were readily picked off by predators, the stain causing them to stand out from the rest of the herd. The researchers belatedly realised the stripes were indeed a form of camouflage, albeit operating quite differently to the other animals.

The NSW state Liberals and their Federal counterparts are not unlike the zebras, albeit more like striped wabbits, nervously clustering around their leader, your Paynes and Pynes, Sinidososes and Brandises and Bishops, huddling in ever closer, not wanting to pluck out the big goose of a wabbit from their midst, as they all have the same red stuff on their hands, yet knowing that 21 polls in a row indicate the knell of parting day.

Fear does remarkable things when conservatives, turned sycophants, offer movie tickets to those sufficiently cross-eyed to switch their air conditioners off during Canberra induced heat-waves. Fear causes those passengers falling into the icy waters to cling to themselves rather than the proffered life raft, in the form of Tony Abbott energy policies (like pulling out of Paris Climate Accords, or scrapping RETs). This same life raft chose to float in amongst the drowning passengers, and as with all Greek tragedies, we the audience recognise their plight, yet they are incapable of reaching out to the raft to save themselves.

A Quadrant reader predicted there will be three issues to bring down the government before Christmas: incontinence is one (otherwise known as bedwetting); the energy crisis is another; and a collective ‘where-the-fug-ga-wee’ the third.


At a microbiology level, there are a number of things that might ‘attack’ the body, because the body is unwell in the first place. Some of these might be genetic, some related to life style, even diet.

I’m the eldest in my family, and life has handed me a number of blessings, but my next brother down, Steve, was an alcoholic. He’s dead now, but he, we, didn’t know he was dying when he was last over here, but we had to put the fan on to drive away the abominable smell coming out of the spare room. It smelt not unlike an over-ripe rugby change room after fifteen or so players had taken their socks off, but magnified. I don’t know if it had anything to do with his liver function or the possibility he lacked the energy to shower on a regular basis, I just don’t know. All we knew was that something was very wrong.

To cut a long story short, he apparently had an infected hand, just before he died, and his daughter said he died of toxic shock when given a general anaesthetic prior to ‘cleaning up’ the hand. His health was so compromised, he had no idea that he had been slowly committing suicide.

Now all this has parallels on a macro level, call it a national level, when various forces seem intent on taking the rest of us to the cleaners. When bureaucrats, when corporate Australia, when our university professors, our priests, our top echelon cops, the AMA are all thinking that SSM is the way to go, and the rest of us feel we desperately need to focus on the economy and, more particularly, the energy crisis, then we have to acknowledge that our elites are in effect attacking the inner health of the country as a whole. We saw this with Brexit, when the majority voted to leave the EU a body that had insisted on medicating a sovereign nation with substances that were proving to be toxic in the extreme: out of control immigration for example; external control of trade being another example; fiddling around with the country’s laws, yet another example.

In America, the corporate bodies that own the various NFL teams, sided with activist players who have been ‘taking to the knee’ rather than standing for the national anthem, all based on fallacious Black Lives Matters issues. Last week, over 180 NFL players took to the knee rather than stand. Trump intervened, condemning the politics behind the issue, and this week a mere 11 took to the knee, having been administered some timely antidote.

Here in Australia we have a SSM ‘debate’ raging, with the bulk of the abuse from the very side claiming a postal survey would open them up to attacks from homophobic bigots. 2GB’s Ray Hadley called out a left wing Gosford Anglican minister who posted a photo of a sign ‘Peter Dutton is a sodomite’ he’d erected outside his church. If this wasn’t ‘hate speech’ I don’t know what it was.

The AMA came out in support of the SSM advocates, without discussing it with their members, yet without consulting them. Woolworths did the same thing, without discussing it with shoppers beforehand. We know why Qantas did; we know why the ABC and SBS do, and can add the Fairfax press to the list too: all the while polls show declining support for the issue they are collectively attempting to ram down our throats.

The Liberal Party is a party at war with itself and at odds with its supporter base; our various churches are divided on a number of issues, whilst the congregations vanish into thin air; our schools and universities are generating the next generations of Green voters, without seriously questioning the veracity of the global warming contagion they regularly serve up; or the truth about the ‘stolen generation’ epidemic; or the domestic violence plague they insist we main-line.

There is a rather hard-hitting adage, in St Matthew’s gospel that says: ‘And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell’. I’m afraid we’ve gone way beyond self medication, perhaps beyond self amputation, because it seems that those forces of destruction have managed to grab the West by the scruff of the neck, and there seems to be no known medication to treat it.

Confusion reigns

Lulled by the temptress evening cool, I am lulled by the wafts of spring jasmine to think the AMA have our best interests at heart, but all the while Andrew Bolt has got me thinking that they are far more interested in climate change, not nasturtiums, and certainly not the well-being of the elderly, increasingly more dependent on affordable electricity. Now dare I mention SSM?
In a country where once men were men and sport was sport and children knew how to reed, rite and spel, our boundaries have become blurred. Politicians don’t really know what they are doing and the various sporting codes have taken it upon themselves to tell us how to vote.
A brave new world it is where cowardice is rewarded with prime time ABC interviews for well placed head-butts on well-meaning pollies. Where Queensland University studies clearly show that the largely unintelligent opt for centuries of tradition and the more intelligent shout their superiority from the rooftops, their raucous cries proof enough of their superiority.
Right is wrong and wrong is right and copious amounts or reason fail to give us pause, because our downward course is well defined.

On freedom and tyranny.

We conservatives (ironically) are on the side of the libertarians with regards to free speech, and yet I personally am totally opposed to gay marriage because I feel it will undermine a corner stone of our Western culture.

I am opposed to the intrusiveness of big government into our personal lives, but am horrified by the fact that the lauding of the individual, which was an outcome of the Enlightenment, has contributed to the unravelling of the intricate, often intangible bonds that help maintain that enigmatic institution called society. It seems to me the further one pushes out the boundaries of what it is to be an individual, the greater the destruction to that body we once called a society, to the point that our own supposedly intelligent PM had great difficulty articulating his understanding of ‘Australian culture’.
Values cannot be enforced, lest such enforcement leads to a tyranny, but once a false ideology begins to unpick those shared values; once morals become relative, or truth becomes your ‘truth’ or simply my ‘truth’, then society itself begins to unravel, leading to an inevitable backlash.
We can see that backlash developing with regards to this SSM ‘debate’ (some debate!!) where the bulk of the intolerance appears to be coming from the ‘progressives’ (one of the most misleading, politically-charged euphemisms I can think of).
In other words, prohibitions need not come from governments; they need not come from tyrants: they can come from a society as a whole, when it becomes clear that there is a gross imbalance. This is the ‘silent majority’, the ‘deplorables’ or whatsoever one wishes to call them. Perhaps it’s a nation’s conscience, manifesting in the tearing down of a Berlin Wall, or as the Solidarity movement in Poland, or the forces that gave rise to the (abortive) 1956 revolution in Hungary.
This conservative backlash is beginning to occur in Europe, where the AfD is predicted to pick up 100 seats in the upcoming German elections, though Merkel, the chief architect of German decline is likely to be re-elected as Chancellor. It is happening in America through Trump and reinforced by his landmark speech at the UN. It is beginning to happen here, albeit on ‘trickle-charge’.
Freedom was one of the more fundamental ideas underlying The Enlightenment, but Marxism, which first raised its ugly head in 1848, was part of that movement. Freedom was one of many catch-cries bandied about at the time of the Russian Revolution, but because its implementation was controlled by an intellectual elite, it very quickly led to a tyranny. Freedom was a fundamental idea giving rise to the Civil Rights movement in America, back in 1968, which gave rise to the Black Panther movement (the forerunners of the BLM) to the ‘sexual revolution’ to feminism, to homosexual rights and the decline of Western Civliisation.
It is said that democracy leads to anarchy, which in turn gives rise to tyranny.
I wonder where we are in the scheme of things?

On moral relativism.

On other difficulty in conducting the sort of argument Alistair Nicholas does, in his recent article in Quadrant, is that we are living in an increasingly secular world, hence the rise of moral relativism. If you reject Christianity you have to resort to whatever it is the contemporary legal system provides, but then that in itself is subject to change, and has done enormously since the Declaration of Human Rights that seeks to implement an essentially Marxist concept of equality.
For a Christian, and one that takes the laws of Moses seriously, the understanding is that this world is transitory and that the individual is a mere traveller. He or she acknowledges that one’s actions, one’s beliefs amount to a preparation for the world to come. The practise of that, which Christian doctrine considers to be sordid, has a profound effect on the individual, regardless of whether or not that particular individual considers it to be sordid: the individual becomes those things he practices: just as a doctor perfects his skill and knowledge base by immersing himself in the literature, conferences and training courses aimed at increasing his knowledge: he becomes a skilful practitioner. An aside . . . ‘sodomy’ is a word ‘Yes’ campaigners never use, perhaps because it resonates with the very taint incurred by the practice.
The individual that believes that this world is all that there is, and that there is no life after death, no consequences following the things engaged in the here and now, feels little or no inhibition in doing or saying anything he or she likes, and the worse it becomes so long as he believes there are no consequences. Unfortunately the truth of the matter operates regardless of what the individual thinks about the matter; and as the saying goes right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right, and everyone